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Supercomputer "Sunway·TaihuLight" has passed the acceptance check successfully

On April 27th, 2017, the high-tech center of MOST(Ministry of Science and Technology) organized the site acceptance test for the "Sunway TaihuLight" supercomputer system project in Wuxi. After strict inspections and examinations, the experts groups were in complete agreement that the "Sunway TaihuLight" supercomputer passed the acceptance check.

The "Sunway TaihuLight" supercomputer is the project which is supported by the major information technology projects of the State 863 Planning. In Jun of 2016, the official system was released. The "Sunway TaihuLight“ won the first place twice among the TOP500 Supercomputers on the TOP500 List Published at ISC High Performance in June and November of 2016. It is the first supercomputer in the whole world which is able to perform over a billion number of operations and it is completely built using domestic high-performance many-core processors. Its technical indicators like performance of peak processing, duration performance and system energy efficiency are far ahead, which indicates that China has achieved a breakthrough on aspects of supercomputers like autonomous and controllable, peek value speed, duration performance, green technology index and so on.

After the “Sunway TaihuLight” supercomputer came into service, 134 research institutions like Tsinghua University, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences, First Institute of Oceanography of National Bureau of Oceanography, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation No.702 Research and Development Institute have been relied on this platform and developed a series of different high-performance application projects in areas like space flight and aviation, weather and climate, biological information, material science, ship engineering, computational chemistry and so on. 18 of these projects achieved the massively parallel computing from 5 million-core to tens of million-core and achieved important application results.

The application of “full-implicit simulation on ten million-core scalable global atmospheric dynamics” based on the “Sunway TaihuLight” was awarded the ACM Gordon Bel prize in 2016. Wining this award indicates that China had achieved the breakthrough of winning the highest award in the area of word’s high performance computing.

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