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Network Operation Engineer

Job Qualification:

1) Master degree or above
2) Network engineering, software engineering, computer and other related majors
3) More than 3 years working experience and more than 1 year working experience in network operations
4) With knowledge of network equipment, security equipment, server and storage equipment

5) Familiar with network, storage and application business

6) With planing, designing, implementing, and maintaining network security system experience

7) Proficient in IP routing and switching technology; Familiar with the configuration and management of all kinds of network products

job Description:

1) Internet management: accessing operators link, testing link quality, applying IP address
2)Special line management: the party and government network, users special line, VPN, IPsecVPN accessing management, user project tracking
3) The record management: assisting in center’s ISP qualifications and records
4) Project management: being responsible for managing the computer room capacity expansion and upgrading
5) Business management: being responsible for center businesses, such as VPN,network ID address, the web, flow control, service testing, user feedback, and so on

6) Network management: being responsible for network architecture planning, designing, adjusting, and maintaining

7) Network security equipment management: the daily inspection, simple troubleshooting, backup configuration, and iSOC system management

8) Configuration management: being responsible for the on-line allocating network equipment and changing the configuration

9) Computer room management: being responsible for the security work of computer room, monitoring computer room, maintaining equipment, dealing with security affairs, and implementing the security system of computer room

Application Development and Support Engineer

Job Qualification:

1) Bachelor degree or above;
2) Computer applications, computational mathematics, computational physics, computational chemistry, biological information and other related majors
3) Careful work attitude, strong sense of responsibility, proficient in English and Chinese
4) Familiar with one kind of  programming languages,such as C + +, C or Fortran
5) Familiar with the parallel algorithm, MPI, OpenMP, OpenACC, and CUDA programming
6) Familiar with the Linux operating system, shell, Perl, etc. ;
7) Experienced in parallel computing project and performance analysis tools are preferred

job Description:

1) Developing parallel programs
2) Transplanting and optimizing  common computational software
3) Implementing and optimizing many-core programs

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