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The Sunway TaihuLight domestic supercomputer system is based on high-density flexible super nodes and high-bandwidth composite network. The entire computing system is based on the SW26010 many-core processor. The SW26010 has 4 management processing elements (MPEs) and 256 computing processing elements (CPEs). Both the MPE and CPE use the SW-64 instruction set and support up-to 256-bit vector instructions. The SW26010 has a hierarchical buffering system and supports parallel multi-dimensional inter-core communication. The Sunway TaihuLight Uses a highly-scalable heterogeneous architecture, a high-density integration of the system, a highly-efficient DC power supply, and other key technologies.

The Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer is a key achievement of homemade technology. It is an honor for NSCCWX as well. NSCCWX decides to innovate, research, and develop high-performance computing programs and software. To promote these programs and software, NSCCWX makes significant contributions to the development of domestic software technology.


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