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The Aerospace-craft Unification Algorithm

Numerical Simulation of the Aerospace-craft Unification Algorithm

Tiangong-1 is Chinas first space station, which serves as an experimental testbed for orbital rendezvous and docking. Tiangong-1 is also the prototype of Chinas future space lab. In this work, we perform the simulation of the turbulent state of the two-cabin simplified model (10-meter long, with a diameter around 3.5 meters in the cross section) of the Tiangong-1 spaceship in the failing process (flying height=65KM, Ma=13). By using 16,384 processors of the Sunway system, the computation job, which normally takes 12 months, was finished in 20 days. In addition, the simulation results provide a good fit to the result of the wind tunnel test.



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