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Global Surface Wave Numerical Simulation

A Highly Effective Global Surface Wave Numercial Simulation with Ultra-high Resolution

Surface wave is one of the most energetic motions in the global ocean, and it is crucially important to marine safety and climate change. High resolution global wave model has the key role for accurate wave forecasting. However the parallel efficiency with a large amount of computation is a big barrier for this kind model by now. In this work, a breakthrough in the design and application of irregular quasi-rectangular grid decomposition, master-slave cooperative computing workflow and pipelining schemes for high resolution global wave model has been achieved. Based on these innovations, the ultra-high horizontal resolution of (1/60) °by (1/60) °global wave model is implemented in the new Sunway heterogeneous Supercomputer with 100 PFlops peak performance. The results show that peak performance of our model can reach 30.07 PFlops with full-scale system consisting of 8,519,680 cores. These innovations provide good scalability and high efficiency for ultra-high resolution global wave model.


                The global(a) and regional (b) distribution of the simulated significant wave height in January 5, 2011.


                            Weak scalability results with different horizontal resolution .


                Strong scalability results for the simulations with horizontal resolution of (1/60) °by (1/60) °

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